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LexiCon: A Guide for Writers

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As well as being readers, watchers, and general geeks, we know some of our members also create science fiction and fantasy. In this update, we highlight some of the aspects of LexiCon that might be of particular interest to writers.

Promote your books!

We’re offering LexiCon members the opportunity to promote your work via our conpacks, and this is your last opportunity to get promotional materials to us. If you’d like us to include flyers, bookmarks, or similar materials in the packs that are given to every member, contact us now for further details and a postal address. All material must reach us by the first week of May.

Floating Market

The Floating Market, during Saturday lunchtime, is an opportunity to sell everything SFF related, from second hand models to new books. Places are very limited, so sign up at http://lexicon.cons.nz/events.php?event=262 (make sure you’re logged in) to book a table.

Panels and Workshops for Writers

A few of our events are specifically aimed at writers. In particular, we have a mini-stream on Saturday afternoon, including Writing Science; Writing Science Fiction (where we’re told one of the panelists will imitate the courting behaviour of a male spider - don’t miss it!) and discussions on editing and book cover design. Then at 4pm experienced publicity wrangler Elizabeth Heritage will be running a workshop on publicity for both traditionally published and indie authors. There’s no charge for this (highly recommended) workshop, but you do need to sign up in advance at http://lexicon.cons.nz/events.php?event=257 (again, make sure you’re logged in). Other events that might be of particular interest include The State of Genre Publishing and In Conversation with Seanan McGuire, which could be your opportunity to ask one of the most prolific authors around just how she does it!

Everything else!

We encourage you to not limit yourself to events aimed at authors. All through the convention, panelists are going to be talking about what they love, what annoys them, what tropes are overused and what they really wish someone would write. If you’ve ever wished for the ideas fairy to grant you some new material, a convention is as close as you’re going to get (unless you actually have direct contact with the writing fae, in which case please let us know). Most importantly - go to the events you’re interested in. Because you wouldn’t be writing SFF if you didn’t love it, and this whole convention is an opportunity to hear from, and talk with, people who love it too.

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