Guests of Honour

We are delighted to have Seanan McGuire as our international Guest of Honour. And as Fan Guest of Honour, we have the amazing John Toon, who has contributed a great deal to NZ fandom this decade. We’re also commemorating the life of a very special figure in New Zealand fantasy...

Seanan McGuire (aka Mira Grant)

Seanan McGuire is a renowned Californian urban fantasy and SF horror writer, filk singer, and cartoonist. She is the author of the October Daye urban fantasies, the InCryptid urban fantasies, and several other works. She also writes science fiction horror novels, including the Newsflesh and Parisitology trilogies, under the pseudonym Mira Grant.

In her spare time, Seanan records CDs of her original filk music. She is also a cartoonist, and draws an irregularly posted autobiographical web comic, “With Friends Like These...”, as well as generating a truly ridiculous number of art cards.

Surprisingly enough, she finds time to take multi-hour walks, blog regularly, watch a sickening amount of television, maintain her website, and go to pretty much any movie with the words “blood”, “night”, “terror”, or “attack” in the title. Most people believe she doesn’t sleep.

Seanan lives in a creaky old farmhouse in Northern California, which she shares with her cats Alice and Thomas, a vast collection of creepy dolls and horror movies, and sufficient books to qualify her as a fire hazard. She has strongly-held and oft-expressed beliefs about the origins of the Black Death, the X-Men, and the need for chainsaws in daily life.

Seanan was the winner of the 2010 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and her novel Feed (as Mira Grant) was named as one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2010. In 2013 she became the first person ever to appear five times on the same Hugo Ballot.

You can find more details about Seanan and her work at and

Seanan will also be attending Continuum 13 in Melbourne the week after LexiCon.

John Toon – Fan Guest of Honour

John Toon is a partwork that builds over 900 monthly instalments into a life-size working model of itself. Bon vivant, raconteur, flâneur: these are just some of the French words John knows.

Twenty years ago he was writing for the Internet's first Doctor Who fan parody and running university SF conventions with a membership that was outnumbered by the guests. Ten years ago he was on the founding committee of the Fforde Ffiesta, a regular event in the UK for fans of the author Jasper Fforde; his performance as the fictional host of the game show “Name That Fruit” will not easily be forgotten. Today he is President of the Wellington Phoenix SF Society, Treasurer of SFFANZ, and holder of the 2013 and 2016 SJV Awards for fan writing. Where did it all go right?

John likes Doctor Who, comic books, and Japanese monster movies. He also likes detective fiction, electronic music, and playing orchestral percussion. He's lived in New Zealand since 2009, so it's probably too late to send him back now.

Orville – Ghost of Honour

Orville: rat, film star, legend. In many ways, Orville’s is the classic rags-to-riches story. He survived a difficult kittenhood in the foster care system, eventually being adopted from the New Zealand Rat Rescue by a Wellington couple. He quickly adapted to a life of leisure and treats, but there was something missing. And then, in early 2012, the call came: the call to greatness. Peter Jackson needed rats for his The Hobbit films, and Orville was just the rat for the job. He never looked back. Orville took to the glamorous film-star lifestyle as though born to it, hobnobbing with agents, makeup artists, and actors with grace and poise. He was pleased to receive fan mail from John Rhys-Davies, and condescended to appear in a short film documenting his fabulous career. He died in late 2013, the bright flame of his talent extinguished by old age.

Orville will be represented at LexiCon by Elizabeth Heritage.