LexiCon is dedicated to ensuring that the event is as accessible and welcoming as possible, especially to those who frequently face barriers to participation. If you have questions or suggestions for anything not included here, please get in touch.

All rooms used for convention events are wheelchair accessible, and we will ensure seating is appropriately spaced to allow access for wheelchair users. All members can help by not rearranging chairs or blocking these aisles. There will be a ramp allowing wheelchair/step-free access to the stage in the Hine-i-tīweka room.

There are wheelchair accessible accommodation rooms on site - these can be booked with your membership.

We will reserve some seats (marked with blue tape) at the front and back of the rooms, for those who require them - this may be because you need to sit close to the door or to an aisle, because you need to sit close to the front to hear the panel, or a variety of other reasons. If you do not need these seats, please leave them for those who do. Remember that the reasons why someone might need these seats may not be obvious.

We’re aware that members may have differing abilities to participate at different times, and that this may not be predictable. LexiCon is an event where you can come and go as best suits your needs (and we also offer single day memberships for those who cannot attend the whole convention). Most events (with a few exceptions) do not require advanced sign-up and we encourage you to plan your schedule to best suit you and to change it as necessary. Other than advanced sign-up events, we will not be limiting numbers for any events, so there will be no need for queuing to obtain a place.

We cannot guarantee a scent free environment, and acknowledge that scented products may be necessary for some members. However we ask everyone to be aware that scented products can pose issues for other attendees, and to limit their use as far as possible.