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One week to go!

It’s just one week until LexiCon! We’re really excited to see you all soon.

We’ll be opening the registration desk at 11am on Friday, and then from 8:30am on Saturday and 9am on Sunday. When you arrive, start at the registration desk where our excellent volunteers will check you in, and give you a badge and lanyard (which we ask you wear while at the convention), a timetable, conbook, and conpack.

If you’re attending the Opening Ceremony or Friday night screening of This Giant Papier Mache Boulder, we’d really appreciate it if you can check in half an hour before the start of these events (that’s by 7:30pm and 8:30pm respectively) to help us avoid large last-minute queues.

Here’s a quick checklist for the coming week. Have you…

...organised your transport and accommodation?

If you’re travelling from outside Taupō and haven’t confirmed your travel and accommodation times, we advise doing so asap. You might want to check out Intercity bus lines, Air New Zealand, or Sounds Air, to help you get there, or check out this Facebook post to arrange car pools.

When it comes to accommodation, the Suncourt is fully booked, but we have some alternative recommendations for motels and hostels close by.

...signed up for limited entry events?

Places at some of our limited entry events are filling up fast. Want to take part in the Publicity for Authors or Super Sculpey workshops, or the Word of the Things radio play? To sign up, follow the links above, make sure you're logged in, and complete the sign-up form.

...planned your timetable?

Aside from the limited entry events, you don’t need to make any final decisions beforehand. Most people decide on events as they go. But you’ll get more out of the programme if you’ve had a quick read through, and know what you most want to see. Don’t forget to use the Highlight by Tag function at the top of the programme grid to help you find the events that best match your interests.

If this is your first convention, we strongly recommend CON101 as a chance to get your questions answered and meet some of your fellow fans. Speaking on a panel for the first time - or think you might want to in the future? PANEL101 is for you.

...started packing?

It’s cold in Taupō at this time of year, but the convention rooms will likely get quite warm, especially at the more crowded events - we recommend layers, lots of layers. Most congoers wear casual clothes, but you’re very welcome to dress more formally - or in costume - if you like (and of course, if cosplay’s your thing, don’t forget to enter the masquerade).

We also suggest bringing cash for the floating market and auction, and saving some space in your bags for purchases (we’ve been posting some of what’s available on our Facebook page, and we’re pretty excited about it).

Lastly, bookmark the link to our mobile programme (lexicon.cons.nz/m) on your phone or tablet - there will be paper copies as well, we reckon you’ll love both - .and if you’re on twitter, we’ll be tweeting on the #lexiconnz hashtag throughout the weekend, and we hope you will too.

And you’re ready to go! See you in Taupō!

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