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Fan GoH announced

John Toon, a dedicated contributor to the New Zealand fan community and a familiar face at local conventions, is confirmed as the Fan Guest of Honour at LexiCon.

President of the Wellington Phoenix SF Society and winner of the 2013 and 2016 Sir Julius Vogel Awards for fan writing, John is also Treasurer of SFFANZ (Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of NZ Inc.)

John’s interests include Doctor Who, comic books, Japanese monster movies, detective fiction, electronic music, and playing orchestral percussion.

Spawned in the UK, he wrote for the Internet's first Doctor Who fan parody and ran university SF conventions with a membership that was outnumbered by the guests. Ten years ago he was on the founding committee of the Fforde Ffiesta, a regular event in the UK for fans of the author Jasper Fforde; his performance as the fictional host of the game show “Name That Fruit” will not easily be forgotten.

John says he’s looking forward to LexiCon.

“I'm thrilled to have been invited to be LexiCon's FGoH. It's a terrific honour for me, and another important step towards my ultimate goal of global domination.”

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