LexiCon was filled with a selection of diverse and exciting events, including panel discussions, workshops, gaming, filking, book launches, and more.

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* Young Writers' Workshop
The organisers of Beyond This and Write Off Line writing contests and anthologies, together with SpecFicNZ and SFFANZ New Zealand, are running a young writers' workshop (intermediate and secondary ages) at LexiCon! There will be an additional cost of $20 and advance registration will be required. More details...
Fri 9am in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter) (6 hours)
Drop-in Activities and Games
Drop by when you arrive, play some games, and meet other members.
Fri 12pm in Kōpū (Venus) (6 hours)
Book Launch: Beyond the Backyard
Join us for the launch of Beyond the Backyard, a collection of science fiction and fantasy stories by intermediate school students from around New Zealand. For many of these brand new authors this will be their first publication, and we’re happy to be celebrating with them as their imaginations let us explore whatever is out there ... Beyond the Backyard.
Fri 4pm in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
Fan Film: Star Trek New Voyages
The latest episode from the New Voyages / Phase II team - "The Holiest Thing", set between the original series and The Motion Picture and featuring Kirk's first meeting with Carol Marcus.
Fri 6pm in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
Join Darusha Wehm in taking the mystery out of being a panelist with PANEL101. Whether you'll be participating in your first panel at LexiCon, are an experienced panelist who wants some new tips, or are wondering whether to sign up at a future convention, this is the workshop for you.
Fri 6pm in Kōpū (Venus)
Never been to a con before? Learn what it's all about, what those weird words we use mean, and how to get the most out of the weekend. CON101 is also an opportunity to get to know a few of your fellow attendees.
Fri 7pm in Kōpū (Venus)
Opening Ceremony
The convention begins!
Fri 8pm in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
This Giant Papier Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy…
Three ordinary guys are thrust into the parallel world of an old sci-fi movie. Trapped in a low budget universe they must somehow fight their way home. Join us after the LexiCon opening ceremony to watch Taupō’s first viewing of the world’s biggest low budget space movie ever! (possibly). It’s got action, romance, sets, rickety props and questionable special effects. Luscious locations, lavish homemade costumes. This movie has it all! More details at
Fri 9pm in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter) (2 hours)
* # Word of the Things: Radio Play Casting and Rehearsals
Participate in a live performance of a new radio play by Paul Mannering, the writer of 'Death Star Noir'. 'Word Of The Things' is a satirical parody that takes a shot at everything from classic fantasy tropes to the current political upheaval in the US and its impacts on the rest of the world. A cast of at least 5 (may play several roles) is required. Any one can participate, just don't be afraid to speak in public and have fun! More details...
Fri 9pm in Kōpū (Venus) (2.5 hours over 3 sessions)
Every night after the main programming is over, filkers gather to sing into the wee small hours. Filking is SF folk music, often Weird Al Yankovic style parodies. Everyone is welcome - you don't need to sing or perform yourself.
Fri 10pm in Kōpū (Venus) (2 hours)
Sat 10pm in Kōpū (Venus) (2 hours)
Sun 10pm in Kōpū (Venus) (2 hours)
The State of Genre Publishing
Discussing the various publishing options for authors: traditional publishers, small presses, self publishing and more. With Marie Hodgkinson, Darian Smith, Sean Monaghan, and Leigh K Hunt.
Sat 9am in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
The Language of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Panelists Emma Lindhagen, Lee Murray, Jack Newhouse, and Mark Johnson discuss the language of science fiction and fantasy, from constructed languages and SFF in translation, to words invented or redefined by science fiction ("robot", for example, or "clone") and how authors approach naming fictional cities, animals, and more.
Sat 9am in Kōpū (Venus)
Card Games
Drop in to play a variety of card games (Gloom, Fluxx, etc).
Sat 9am in Whiro (Mercury) (2 hours)
12am in (2 hours)
Book Sets
If you like this you might like that, but with a difference. The panel has to make a set from books or authors suggested by the audience, but the set can match in any way they like. With Matt Morris, June Young, and Simon Litten.
Sat 10am in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
The Annual General Meeting of SpecFicNZ, the national organisation of creators, writers, editors and publishers of speculative fiction in and from New Zealand. For more information on SpecFicNZ, see
Sat 10am in Matawhero (Mars)
Ecosystems in SFF
SFF imagines strange new worlds and alien life forms, but how does that imaginary ecosystem fit together? Whether it's magical creatures hiding in Fiordland or a whole new planet, living things and their physical environment constantly affect each other. How can we create believable ecosystems in SFF, and what happens when the delicate balance of an ecosystem is disrupted? Botanist and science communicator Octavia Cade, Seanan McGuire, author of the Incryptid series, and Meryl Stenhouse, who has a background in parasitology, discuss the portrayal of ecosystems in SFF.
Sat 10am in Kōpū (Venus)
A Conversation with Christian Nicolson
Find out what it takes to make a really heavy papier-mâché boulder and a low budget, high action movie in New Zealand then take it to the world. In the spirit of old sci-fi, where special effects were basic, Christian Nicolson’s goal was to expose the simplicity of it all. Using a low budget as a means to be creative rather than a restriction, he and the team had fun with the script and visuals, creating a quirky, fun, dramatic, beautifully shot movie that remains true to its origins. Dan Rabarts talks to Christian about his vision, the challenges and all things papier-mâché.
Sat 11am in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
NZ in 2020
2020 is getting closer and closer... So New Zealand in 2020 (the bid to hold a WorldCon in New Zealand) is heading down towards the vote, to take place in 2018 in San Jose. We would love to show you where we are, and enthuse you about this large but rewarding project. We would love to have your input and help!
Sat 11am in Matawhero (Mars)
Stories in our Cities
The way SFF approaches city based stories is different on the national, local, even community level, and Aotearoa is no exception. Rem Wigmore, Eileen Mueller and Andi Buchanan explore how Aotearoa urban landscapes fit (or don’t) into the Fantasy genre, and what our authors do to make them unique.
Sat 11am in Kōpū (Venus)
Co-operative Games
Tabletop gaming with co-operative games.
Sat 11am in Whiro (Mercury) (2 hours)
GoH Speech: Seanan McGuire
Guest of Honour speech by renowned Californian urban fantasy and SF horror writer, filk singer, and cartoonist Seanan McGuire. Introduced by Cassie Hart.
Sat 12pm in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
Costuming/Cosplay for Beginners
Where to get started with costuming. With John Howell, Maddy Thompson, and Connie Takarangi.
Sat 12pm in Matawhero (Mars)
Star Peace
Our envoys have come to bring peace between the Star Wars and Star Trek fans. Kodi Murray, Grace Bridges (and other panelists tbc) discuss the similarities between the two, and why it really is possible to love them both.
Sat 12pm in Kōpū (Venus)
* # Floating Market
A chance to buy and sell all kinds of SFF merchandise, new or used. More details...
Sat 1pm in Mangōroa (Milky Way)
Seanan and Paul Talk Zombies
By popular demand. Seanan McGuire is the author of the Newsflesh series, which follows bloggers twenty years after a zombie apocalypse. Paul Mannering is the Wellington-based author of the Tankbread series in which intelligent zombies rule the world, living on a steady diet of cloned people called Tankbread. Together, they're talking zombies. Like anything else Paul is involved in, this is unlikely to be suitable for the young or the squeamish.
Sat 2pm in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
Introductions to SFF
Want to introduce a friend - or a child - to the genres you love, but don't know how to ease them in? Lee Murray, Dylan Howell, Neil Sanson and Barbara Howe share the works that introduced them to SFF, and offer suggestions about where to start.
Sat 2pm in Matawhero (Mars)
Writing Science; Writing Science Fiction
In these days of pseudo-science, intelligent design and climate change denialism, just how important is accurate science to science fiction? What responsibilities do writers have, and what are the different tips and tricks we can use to better use science in our stories? Join us as our panelists Octavia Cade, Cat Langford, and Meryl Stenhouse talk about their inspirations, challenges, and the differences they find between writing science and writing science fiction.
Sat 2pm in Kōpū (Venus)
Character Games
Light RPGs, like Munchkin or Dead of Winter.
Sat 2pm in Whiro (Mercury) (2 hours)
Diverse Families in SFF
Families aren't just the nuclear variety. Science fiction and fantasy have space for all kinds of families - queer families, step families, chosen families, extended families, polyamorous families, and more. AJ Fitzwater, Daphne Lawless, Emma Lindhagen, and Jenni Sands talk about some of their favourite examples, and what they'd like to see more of.
Sat 3pm in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
The Big World of Fantasy Miniatures
Fantasy and SF Tabletop Miniature Gaming with John Howell, Darcy Perry and Lewis Morgan
Sat 3pm in Matawhero (Mars)
When Your First Draft is a Mess: Editing and You
Tips for editing your work with Grace Bridges, Art Protin, and Kaaron Warren.
Sat 3pm in Kōpū (Venus) (0.5 hours)
Book Covers for Self-Publishers
What you need to know about book covers, whether you're hiring it out, DIY or in between, with cover designer Leigh K. Hunt.
Sat 3:30pm in Kōpū (Venus) (0.5 hours)
Science Fantasy and Cross-Fertilising Genre
Where does Science Fiction end and Fantasy begin? If your dragons are aliens, which is it? Talking about work in the grey area between genres with Kaaron Warren, Charlotte Earle, Neil Sanson, and Alex Lindsay.
Sat 4pm in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
* # Publicity for Authors
Join experienced publicity wrangler Elizabeth Heritage for a practical introductory class on writing a media release, pitching to journalists (which is a lot less scary than it sounds), and getting coverage of your book in mainstream NZ media. We will cover overarching issues as well as detailed practical guidance, including an up-to-the-minute who’s who of book media in Aotearoa. This class is suitable both for self-published authors and for traditionally published authors who are looking to give their work an extra boost. We welcome complete beginners and those who are wanting a refresher on the ever-changing book publicity landscape in Aotearoa. Places are limited so please sign up in advance, and bring note-making tools (laptop, pen and paper, etc) of your choice. More details...
Sat 4pm in Kōpū (Venus) (2 hours)
Quick Games
Drop in for quick games like King of Tokyo or Splendor.
Sat 4pm in Whiro (Mercury) (2 hours)
Doctor Who Companions: The Adventurers, The Lost, and The Penguin
Since kidnapping Ian and Barbara from Shoreditch in 1963, the Doctor has shared his adventures with a wide range of fellow travelers. John Toon, Kodi Murray, and Lynelle Howell discuss the changing role of the companion.
Sat 5pm in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
Corrupting Children to our Genre: YA and SFFH
Karen Healey, Belinda Crawford, Tracy Joyce and Eileen Mueller talk about their favourite science fiction, fantasy, and horror for young adults, and discuss whether YA fiction is a 'gateway drug' to SFFH.
Sat 5pm in Matawhero (Mars)
Fan Films: Star Trek Continues
Two episodes of the remarkable fan film series continuing Kirk's original five year mission - "Come Not Between the Dragons" and "Still Treads the Shadow".
Sat 6pm in Kōpū (Venus) (2 hours)
* Masquerade and Concert
Marvel at the costuming skills on display in fandom's equivalent to the World of Wearable Art, then listen to Seanan McGuire sing! Prizes will be awarded for best costumes. More details...
Sat 8pm in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter) (2 hours)
Chronesthesia and AFK: Zerg
We're screening the SJV-nominated romantic comedy with time travel, Chronesthesia, preceded by the SJV-nominated short AFK: Zerg.
Sat 10pm in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter) (2 hours)
Night Sky
Take a look at the night sky above Taupō through a telescope. Organised by Keith Smith - meet at the main hotel reception at 10pm. Subject to suitable weather conditions.
Sat 10pm in Mangōroa (Milky Way)
Where the things we love and the things we craft collide. Come along and hear our panelists Cat Langford, Zee Southcombe, and Maddy Thompson talk about some of their crafty interests, including making dolls, zines, and SFF movie scenes in snowglobes.
Sun 9am in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
The Apocalypse 101
Apocalyptic predictions are a new trend, fuelled by our new found ability to destroy civilization through nuclear war or climate change. Wrong! There has been a steady stream of apocalyptic predictions since at least 2800 BC. Predictions have been made by different cultures and different religions, they have been based on plausible scenarios, not so plausible, and then there’s been down-right crazy. So what’s up with that? Jenny Hammond presents a potted history of predicting The End of the World As We Know It, a.k.a., TEOTWAWKI.
Sun 9am in Matawhero (Mars)
The Annual General Meeting of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Organisation of New Zealand inc. See for more information about SFFANZ.
Sun 9am in Kōpū (Venus) (2 hours)
Card Games
Drop in to play a variety of card games (Gloom, Fluxx, etc).
Sun 9am in Whiro (Mercury) (2 hours)
Out of the Background
We all come from somewhere different, and these differences bring shape, flavour and colour to what we create. Join us for a discussion on how our diverse heritages and varied cultural backgrounds influence and inspire our creative endeavours; with Dan Rabarts, JC Hart, Zee Southcombe...
Sun 10am in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
Living the Storytelling
Let Zebong, Teller of Tales, teach you the art of storytelling, and how this can improve your writing.
Sun 10am in Matawhero (Mars)
Ghost of Honour Speech
Elizabeth Heritage talks on behalf of Orville: rat, film star, legend, and LexiCon's Ghost of Honour. Introduced by Andi Buchanan.
Sun 11am in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
Classic SF Predicts the Future
We often look back on classic Science Fiction to see if they "got it right." What are some great predictions which came true and why are we so obsessed with it? Moderator Alan Robson with Alex Lindsay, Kaaron Warren, and Paul Weimer.
Sun 11am in Matawhero (Mars)
Building Worlds
Science Fiction and Fantasy frequently involve the creation of new worlds - future worlds, alternate worlds, worlds outside our universe and worlds closer to home. Robin Johnson, Tracy Joyce, John McCormick, and Jack Newhouse talk about the make-up of their favourite constructed worlds, the process of world-building, and what they'd like to see more of.
Sun 11am in Kōpū (Venus)
* $ # Super Sculpey polymer clay workshop
If you're looking for a new hobby, or want to try something different this convention, why not have a go at sculpting Super Sculpey, a polymer clay favoured by artists and the movie industry? In this workshop, we will try a fun and easily transportable project: custom board game pieces. Participants will receive sculpting tools to take home (caution: tools are pointy and not suitable for cabin hand luggage). More details...
Sun 11am in Whiro (Mercury) (2 hours)
Ad Hoc Gaming
Grab a game and play!
Sun 11am in Mangōroa (Milky Way) (2 hours)
* Charity Auction
A range of SFF goodies will be up for grabs to the highest bidder. Will you get a bargain? The auction will raise funds for RainbowYOUTH. More details...
Sun 12pm in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
IFWG Double Book Launch
Join us for the launch of two books by new Kiwi authors, The Locksmith by Barbara Howe and The Rejects by Ali Foster, both from Australian publisher IFWG Press. Introduced by IFWG publisher Gerry Huntman.
Sun 12pm in Matawhero (Mars)
Crossing Genres: Fantastical Mysteries and Paranormal Romances
A panel on the intersection of fantasy, detective fiction, and romance. Amber Carter, Marie Hodgkinson, Seanan McGuire, and Darian Smith talk about what happens when the fantasy genre gets out of its box and starts breeding with other genres.
Sun 12pm in Kōpū (Venus)
Fan Films: Star Wars Selection
We'll be screening some of the best recent Star Wars fan films, as chosen by the LexiCon concom.
Sun 1pm in Kōpū (Venus)
FGoH Speech: John Toon
Fan Guest of Honour speech by John Toon. John likes Doctor Who, comic books, Japanese monster movies, detective fiction, electronic music, and playing orchestral percussion - so we're sure there'll be something for everyone! Introduced by Darusha Wehm.
Sun 2pm in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
Future of a Spacewoman
TV and movies have imagined women taking many roles in space: from Princess to Communications Officer, President to Mechanic, Captain to Doctor. Mary Brock Jones, AJ Fitzwater, Karen Healey, and Daphne Lawless discuss how well current and previous portrayals stand up in 2017, and what they most want to see from future representations of women in space.
Sun 2pm in Matawhero (Mars)
Representation in Genre Fiction
We all strive to be the heroes of our own stories, and seeing people like ourselves represented in our favourite genres is important and affirming. Jenni Sands, Rem Wigmore, June Young and Sally McLennan will share some positive representations of different genders, sexualities, disabilities, ethnicities and more.
Sun 2pm in Kōpū (Venus)
War Games
Join us for tabletop battles.
Sun 2pm in Whiro (Mercury) (2 hours)
Drop in for some relaxing colouring any time on Sunday afternoon. We'll have geeky colouring pages of varying levels of complexity and colouring materials to create your masterpiece (but feel free to bring your own as well!).
Sun 2pm in Mangōroa (Milky Way) (4 hours)
The Second State, They've More Than Snakes: Australia and Us
Community-building, cross-fertilisation, shared resources, and how NZ and Australia are closer than we think. With Lynelle Howell, Gerry Huntman, Lee Murray, Ross Temple, and Paul Weimer.
Sun 3pm in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
New Zealand In Space - and Bureaucracy
The NZ space programme and what can keep you on the ground. It's not just technology you have to think of. With Simon Litten.
Sun 3pm in Matawhero (Mars)
In Conversation with Seanan McGuire
A chance to ask Seanan all your burning questions, from fae and zombies, to Disneyland and her unusually fluffy cats.
Sun 3pm in Kōpū (Venus)
The Quiz
Are you up to the challenge? Team up and pool your knowledge to answer questions spanning the full breadth of SF and fantasy. Hosted by Katie Boyle.
Sun 4pm in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter) (2 hours)
In Need of Heroes?
What comics (and related media) most resonate with us in 2017? Are we looking for social commentary or escapism? Panel with John Toon, AJ Fitzwater, Karen Healey, and Daphne Lawless.
Sun 4pm in Kōpū (Venus)
Trading Games
Build a commercial empire, with games of trade.
Sun 4pm in Whiro (Mercury) (2 hours)
Hard SF - Where Engineers Go To Die
... and how to open it up for the rest of us. With Art Protin, Sean Monaghan, Mark English, and Mary Brock Jones.
Sun 5pm in Matawhero (Mars)
The Politics of Misery and Death: Why Are Dystopias So Damn Popular?
It seems like every other book, comic or show is about the end of the world. How come? With moderator Jenny Hammond, Charlotte Earle, John Howell, Leigh K. Hunt and Jenni Sands.
Sun 5pm in Kōpū (Venus)
Fan Film: Doctor Who - Besieged
A feature-length crossover with the Alien universe created by Scottish Doctor Who fans.
Sun 6pm in Kōpū (Venus) (2 hours)
Cocktail Party
Catch up with friends before the Sir Julius Vogel awards, and try some of our specially themed cocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails available, cash bar).
Sun 7pm in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
Sir Julius Vogel Awards
Presentation of the Sir Julius Vogel awards, New Zealand's fan voted awards for various endeavours in the science fiction, fantasy or horror fields.
Sun 8pm in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
Closing Ceremony
The final event of the convention. Join us to for performances, presentation of prizes, bids for 2019, and more.
Sun 9pm in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)
Zonked Zombie Party
Known in some quarters as the Dead Dog Party, the Zonked Zombie party is a final chance to catch up with old and new friends over a drink or two.
Sun 10pm in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter) (2 hours)