Masquerade and Concert

The Masquerade is fandom's equivalent to the World of Wearable Art. Sit back and watch the show, or sign up as an entrant and strut your stuff on stage - fabulous* prizes to be won! See below for details.

The Masquerade will be followed by Seanan McGuire in concert. Not content with being two renowned authors, Seanan is also an amazing singer and songwriter (check out her albums). A chance to listen to her perform live is not to be missed!

(* well, prizes of some kind, anyway)

Masquerade Entrant Info

Anyone is welcome to enter - no prior experience or minimum skill level is required. Entrants can be replicas of costumes seen on screen, interpretations of book characters, or entirely original SF/F creations. You can just come up and give a twirl, or you can put on a short skit or other performance.

Most entrants make their own costumes. You can wear a purchased costume if you wish, but will only be eligible for the performance prize. Group entries are fine, including costume-maker/model pairs. See the Competitions page for full rules.

To enter the Masquerade competition, submit the form below. In the Notes field, please include the name of your entry, how you want to be introduced, what parts of the costume you made yourself, and any other information about your costume or performance you think might be helpful. If you're entering as a group, list the names of the other group members (only one of you needs to submit the form). Also let us know if you have any AV requirements.

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