LexiCon - The 38th New Zealand National Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention

2-4 June 2017 at the Suncourt Hotel Taupo


LexiCon, the 38th New Zealand National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention (NatCon), will be held at the Suncourt Hotel in Taupō from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th June 2017 (Queen’s Birthday Weekend). It's a fan-run event for everyone who loves science fiction and fantasy. We can’t wait! For more information, click here.

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Want to attend LexiCon? Become a member now! If you attended Au Contraire 2013 or Conclave 2, or have joined Au Contraire 2016, you'll already have a cons.nz account (formerly an aucontraire.org.nz account) which you can log in with.

Standard full memberships are just $70, but concession (for anyone who can't afford the full rate) and solidarity (if you can afford to pay extra, it will help us put on a better convention) rates are also available, as well as single day and supporting memberships. It's very helpful for us if you can join as early as possible; memberships can be edited later if necessary.

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A Final Update

Our final accounts are complete, our bank account is closed, but before we go we have a couple of last pieces of news to share with you.

Rainbow Youth Donation and Blog Roundup

This week we were delighted to make an initial donation of $876.40 to Rainbow Youth. This donation came from the LexiCon Auction, Floating Market, and cash donations from members direct to Rainbow Youth.

Thank you!

Before we head off home, we just want to say a huge thank you to all of you who helped make this weekend awesome!


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